Iпcredible UFO Video: A Fleet Of Mysterioυs Spheres Of Light Over The Bay Of Beпgal UFO & Alieпs

In the next video, you’ll see incredible and breath-taking footage of a fleet of mysterious light spheres caught over the Bay of Bengal in India.

At the end of February 2021, the video was put on YouTube. But since it happened in 2017, the man has kept it to himself.

The witness said that he didn’t put it online until he saw other videos that were like it. On August 10, 2017, the person who filmed the UFO fleet was on a plane going from Bangkok to New Delhi.

When he flew over the Bay of Bengal, he took pictures of dozens of bright spheres that were about 8–10 kilometers above the ground. At that time, the plane was 12,000 meters above the ground.

The footage was looked at by UFO researcher Scott Waring. And said:

“I looked at the video of a fleet of light spheres very carefully, and when I zoomed in, I saw that some of the bright spheres went behind the clouds and disappeared for a few seconds. This proves beyond a doubt that the things outside the window are real and not just reflections inside the plane.

“I saw another video of a similar event many years ago, but this one is more detailed. A fleet of alien ships rarely rises above the clouds. There must be at least a hundred. There is 100% proof that aliens live on Earth.

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